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Welcome to our friendly server, this is a semi-vanilla server. We use towny and anyone can create towns, anything outside towns is free game, PvP, Griefing, Raiding, all is fair game wherever you can break blocks. We have a resource world which you can read about in the FAQ section.

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Is PvP enabled?

Yes, Pvp is enabled outside of spawn town, as well as selected Towny towns. There is also an arena nearby spawn. Type /warp Arena to get there.

How can I find other biomes?

All biomes have dedicated warps at spawn. You can also go to our resource world if you are looking to collect specific materials.

What is a Resource World?

Our Resource world can be accessed by typing /mv resource. This world will be reset occasionally so please be aware when storing or building there. The world is meant to be a disposable location to gather resources, this way the world we build in can be maintained for much longer before we run out of materials.

Can I build my own town?

Yes you can build your own town anywheres in the world, the initial cost is $250. Type /t ingame for more information

How can I make money?

You can make money by trading with other players or using the /sell command. You can sell most items to the server using this command, if you feel an item should be added you can submit a enhancement ticket here


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